Why choose the Indoor ForestAIRPLUS?

Our active Living Wall system is the most powerful and effective air cleaning system in the world and is naturally the best way to clean up polluted air.


Our active Indoor ForestAIRPLUS units can be leased to you from only £7.60/day

Health benefits

Creating clean air that reduces stress and increases concentration

Easy to maintain

Our units can be installed in less than a day and require minimal day-to-day upkeep


Can be used in offices, hotels, schools, shops, spas…

Polluted air in - clean air out

• Naturally conditioned air
• Improves concentration
• Improves accuracy
• Increases productivity
• Reduces stress
• Noise pollution absorption
• Visual amenity
• Beautiful product


Indoor air quality directly affects human health. Polluted air can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, fatigue, respiratory difficulties, stress and may lead to more serious health conditions. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are found at higher concentrations indoors and are emitted from cleaning chemicals, everyday items, building materials and furniture.

Benefits of Indoor ForestAIRPLUS

The Indoor ForestAIRPLUS cleans up to 750,000 litres of polluted air per day. It creates clean air hubs for indoor spaces, is fast efficient and natural, using plant root processing by rhizodegradation, whereby bacteria digest organic pollutants.

Easy to install & maintain

We are leaders in this sector with many successful installations to date. Whichever Living Wall unit you choose, you can be guaranteed of a professional, knowledgeable, expert and experienced service from the moment you contact us, through to finalising your installation and product aftercare.


Air pollution related UK deaths per year


lost days of productivity per employee per year


litres of polluted air cleaned by the Indoor ForestAIRPLUS per day


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BioPure Air How it works

Polluted air in - clean air out

How BioPureAir works